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Cold Weather Introduction

??????????????  First day to post and what a morning it has been already.  I woke up this morning to over 18 inches of snow.  The picture posted is one taken this morning, even though you cannot really determine the depth of the snow in this picture.  This is looking out into my back yard.  I live in the mountains of Colorado and have been in the area for many years. Over time, you will see a great deal of what life is like in this area and the beautiful views heading to towns either direction of us.  Some days the things we see are just breathtaking and pictures never really show how amazing the views of the area are.

I really wanted the first post on this site to be an introduction to the site and what I would like to see from it.  I wanted to create a site that wasn’t focused on one topic alone.  There are so many things in life to experience and learn about that I don’t want to create something that would prevent me from discussing a topic.  I am hoping this site will be able to include various interests that I have or have learned about over the years.  Topics from day to day may be something as simple as a morning cup of coffee to the unexpected or surprising.

As you can see from the statement about the site, I will also have writing on here some days.  The writings I am referring to here will consist mostly of fictional pieces or essays.  I hope those who do read these short stories will enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.  Well, I think that is all I have to say right now about how I hope this site progresses.  I hope many people will read and enjoy what I put up from day to day.  Have a wonderful Monday and everyone in the colder climates try to keep warm today!