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What is Really Important?

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The past year has been an extreme roller coaster ride for me, and it doesn’t look like the ride will be over any time soon.  While we all have our ups and downs throughout life, some of those are much more emotional than others.  In the past year I have had to deal with loss of people I love, job and income level changes, relationship changes and now a coming move.  Most of the changes that have happened through the year have worked out to be a good thing in the end.  Some have torn my heart to shreds and I will never be the same because of them.  All of them are teaching me lessons as I go, proving that we are never to old to keep learning.

The most important lesson I have learned in the past year is what is really important to me.  The changes and hardships we have gone through have really shown me how unimportant our material things really are.  What is important is the love and support you give and receive from your friends and family.  The people in our lives are what we should focus on, that’s all.  Your home, your car, your income, your ‘stuff’….it doesn’t matter.  Not even the coveted ‘family heirlooms’ that I would have almost killed to protect a year ago.  They don’t matter either.  With or without them, I still have my memories and the people around me that truly care.

My wish for anyone who has followed my blog in the past, and anyone who has stumbled across it is that you realize how precious the people in your life are.  Enjoy them, respect them and let them know right now how much they really mean to you.  Tomorrow you may no longer get the chance.  Learn the lesson the easy way, instead of waiting to have a year like I have.  No more two by fours for me on this issue.  Stuff can be replaced, love and caring family and friends cannot.  Bless you all and know that I appreciate you being there.  Remember that you are amazing, no matter what anyone else tells you, and really think about the question.  What really matters to you?




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