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To Begin this Series…A Fictional Story.



I have been having an ‘itch’ lately to do more fictional writing just for fun.  So, I thought that the blog may be a good area to release a little creative writing.  Please bear with me on this endeavor.  I have no idea where this will be going or how long it may turn out to be.  In any case, here is the story.  Well, the beginning of one anyway.  Hope you enjoy it!

When The Winds Of Change Blow

Every morning it was the same thing for Elizabeth McCauley.  She’d put grounds in the pot, shower and get ready as she waited for the coffee to brew.  But today, things would be different.  She didn’t realize that big change was coming at that moment but she felt it somehow.  Those times when you just know something isn’t quite right even though you can’t put your finger on why.  She would find out soon enough what it was that would hurl her life in a completely opposite direction.

The feeling of unease hit as soon as the alarm clock abruptly roused her out of a deep sleep.  Another Wednesday.  She had a meeting this morning with a perspective new client.  Not just a regular client either, but one that could mean the success or failure of years of work.  Being at the top of her game was her biggest priority this morning.

Her best business suit was already waiting for her.  She grabbed it from the front of the closet where she hung it the night before and brought it to the bathroom before getting the coffee ready to brew.  On the way to the kitchen, a small but persistent ‘mew’ was already heard coming from the kitchen.

It was already late spring, so even though it was quite early in the morning the sun was shining brightly through the country blue curtains that hung above the kitchen counter.  The light spilled across the smooth surface of the marble counter and onto the floor where a beautiful multi-colored tabby cat was patiently waiting next to her dish for a little breakfast.

With a sigh, Elizabeth pulled a new can of cat food out of the cupboard and opened it.  The mewing continued as she emptied the food into the dish and put it down on the feeding mat.  As soon as the cat received her breakfast a loud purr emanated from her as she got comfortable and began eating.

Elizabeth turned to her coffee pot and put the grounds in while looking out the window into the back yard.  The sun was shining brightly this morning and it looked like it was going to be a warm day.  She hoped the business suit she picked out for the meeting would not be overly warm.  Of course, she reasoned, she only had to keep it on long enough to get through the meeting.  She would be sure that the top she used under her jacket would be appropriate, but cool.

She finished getting the coffee brewing and headed for the bathroom to shower and get dressed.  The phone suddenly began ringing before she even got out of the kitchen.  She ran back to the bedroom where the ringing phone called to her and picked up the cell phone that she had left on the nightstand.

“Hello?’  Elizabeth inquired as she pushed the answer icon on the phone.

As soon as her greeting was uttered, she noticed that all she could hear was static.  “Hello?” She asked once more, a little louder this time.  Maybe it was just a bad connection and whoever was on the other end couldn’t get through.  She sighed when there was no response and hit the disconnect icon.  If it was an important call, whoever it was would get back to her before long.  As an afterthought, she went back to the recent call list to see if the number would be familiar.  There was no number for the call she just received.

While that was strange, she put it to the back of her mind.  Time was ticking this morning and it was important that she get moving.  With the meeting now at the forefront of her mind, she got washed and dressed for the day.  The rest of the morning went rather smoothly and Elizabeth even had a few moments to sit and enjoy a cup of the coffee she brewed before heading out the door to the office.

She locked the big red front door of her Victorian style two story home and climbed into her dark blue minivan.  It was not the car of her dreams when she was young, but she found that even without children to call her own the van did everything she needed at this point in her life.  It was very dependable, had enough room to transport almost anything she needed and she had sitting room if any of her friends wanted to take a day trip.  She was rather pleased with the practical choice she made when she purchased it.

She left the house early enough that the roads were fairly clear of traffic.  Not too many people had headed to work just yet.  That was a good thing, it meant that Elizabeth would be able to get her thoughts in order along with setting up for the presentation before everyone else in the office would arrive.  The extra time before an important meeting always made her feel so much more confident in herself.  Her name was finally getting big within her company, and she wanted it to stay that way.

She was fighting down the feeling of dread that was increasingly growing throughout the morning.  In her mind it was only there because of the anticipated meeting.  An irrational fear that should not even be there.  If only she had seen that it was a premonition, not of the meeting but of a sudden life change.  She didn’t even see it coming, it appeared on the empty road out of nowhere.  And all she could remember was the grill of the semi-truck heading directly at her before everything went black.

Well, that’s it until next time. I hope you enjoyed the beginning.

Carrie A. Watson








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Reading in Winter


Ever since I was little I have had a love for books. I would read almost anything I could get my hands on. When I was in the earliest grades in school, I even would pick up dictionaries and encyclopedias just to be able to read something if there was nothing else around. At that time, we didn’t have the internet to be able to read happily on any subject we wanted for hours on end. I had to be content with what was provided to me at home and what could be found at the local library. I can only imagine how different my life would be today if I had been introduced as a child to the endless amount of information we have access to now. I probably would have had to been forcibly pulled away from the computer screen any time I had to do something.

I have noticed that over the years my tasted in reading material has changed. When little, it was just about anything. As I reached my teen years, I found that I was only interested in things I could learn. This stage of reading lasted through my twenties and well into my thirties. Non-fiction was the only thing I was interested in. I had a need to learn everything I could, I suppose. I lived by the mantra that if you can read , you can learn how to do anything. While I do realize now that there are skills that just can’t be done by everyone, I still believe that for the most part my mantra was correct. Most of the things I have learned how to do over the years was because of someone who decided to share their knowledge of the subject in the way of a good book.
Now that I have reached middle-age, I have found that I am enjoying fiction just as much as I have always loved my non-fiction reads. I especially love those young adult trilogies. I know, I know…I have read how so many people are sick of them, or find them too immature. But, I still cannot get enough of them, no matter what many other bloggers out there are saying about them. I have a few favorite authors, but I love trying out new upcoming novels as well. I have also found a deep love for many science fiction books as well as fantasy. Books I always thought were just a waste of time when I was younger.

Talking about books, I cannot leave out the wonderful technological advances we have seen in this area. While I still feel that there is nothing like holding an actual book in your hand, with its distinct library smell, I love my Kindle. It is a book lovers dream to be able to easily carry around twenty-five books at once and be able to switch back and forth between them whenever you want. This has let me go wherever I want without having to lug around a huge bag full of books like I used to do. No more back pain for me! Anymore, I usually keep my physical books at home to read comfortable in the evenings and bring my Kindle with me when I have to go out so I have plenty to read no matter where I am.

No matter the time of year, I love being able to read happily. The cold that has whisked throughout the country recently has only persuaded me make more time to do so. There is nothing as comforting as a thick comforter, a hot cup of coffee and a good book in winter. I’m off to go read…

-Carrie A. Watson