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Hand Stitched Quilts


I have made quite a few handmade quilts over the years. The first ones were put together out of necessity more than for decoration, history or beauty. There were tons of trials and errors because I never had anyone to really show me how it should be done. Now as I am getting older, I have been able to spend more time doing this craft.

Currently I have been working on a time consuming quilt for a good neighbor and friend. It is very old and the fabric keeps fraying almost faster than I can quilt it together. Even with this problem though, it is turning out very well and I don’t have much left to work on for it. I have three more tops to quilt when I finish with this one. One for my daughter, and two that I made just because I thought the pattern was pretty.

I have thought about my love for sewing and crafting and have decided I would like to make some quilts for others as well. If there is anyone who has a top completed, or would like a quilt made with materials they already have, contact me about it and I will let you know what is possible. I am thinking there could be some beautiful quilts made with your children’s clothing, or of someone you would like to memorialize. Of course, new fabrics are good when thinking of any type of occasion from birthdays and graduations to weddings and new births.

Do you have any thoughts on hand-quilting or about making memory quilts? How about quilting in general. What are your favorite patterns? I would love to hear from everyone on this subject.