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Learning Basic Skills

When people talk about prepping for survival, you usually hear about purchasing guns and lots of ammunition in case of emergency.  You may need to protect your family or utilize the skills involved in gun use for feeding yourself and your family.  That is very true and a good idea to incorporate into a survival situation, but it seems that many people overlook the necessity of having knowledge of  basic skills once the initial SHTF situation occurs.  If you survive the originating calamity, whatever that may be, you will still need to learn basic day-to-day survival skills.

What are the most important skills that you need to learn for long-term survival?  We know that there are basic skills that anyone who wants to survive independently will need to know and develop. What each person considers to be the most important skills however,  will vary widely from one person to the next.  What is important to you and your family may be very different from the skills your next door neighbor would find important.  When looking at both survival and homesteading skills, I tend to follow the three important life needs to determine for myself and my family what would be the best skills to focus on first.  The three most important needs for survival are water, food and shelter.  You can learn many skills based on those three things, and just looking at those three will help you determine where you need to be to survive as well as what you need to know and learn.

In future articles, I will delve into skills that can be built in each of these areas.  Right now I would just like you to think about what would be the most important skills to start learning first.  For each survival area, you will also want to make sure you have tools and supplies in your homesteading arsenal to learn the skills you will need, and to have the ability to replenish supplies as you need to over time.  We are looking at day-to-day survival here, not bugging out.  Hopefully, if you are bugging out, you will be able to get somewhere that is safe, secure and also has the possibility of being able to become a working homestead instead of just a temporary hideout spot.

I will begin this series in the next article with the subject of water.  This is a very important survival area to begin with.  We can survive much longer without food than we can without water.  This alone makes water and its’ availability top priority in both a survival and a homesteading situation.  My challenge to you this week is to find out all you can about how to obtain and make water safe to drink and use in all of your survival and homesteading tasks.  Just grabbing some water out of a nearby stream and using may not be your best option.  More on all of this later, in the meantime enjoy your week, keep preparing for survival the best way you can and have fun doing it!


Carrie Ann